Race Reference and Lore

The races of Iris remain the same as those of standard D&D races, but some of them may work somewhat differently. There are brief summaries for each race, but some races go into much further depth for their origins and how they work. Other races have some adjustments made to their racial abilities and load-outs based on the world.

Races marked with a * have homebrew racial adjustments for character creation.

Humans – The progressive race, humans are the catch-all race they tend to be in most settings. There are more humans than any other race, presumably.

Halfings – Halflings are quite literally the midgets and dwarves of our modern world, but they aren’t called dwarves for obvious reasons that would cause. Also they’re bad. I don’t like them.

Tieflings – Tieflings are actually humans that are born with reddish or purple skin, and develop devilish features as they age. Tieflings may also be born from other races, though that is an extremely rare phenomenon.

Half-Orcs – They’re rare and seem to only come from human civilization. Half orcs are noted to be hard workers and excellent soldiers or laborers.

Dwarves – The dwarves live in a mostly underground society, and their livelihood is based on patience, perfection, and structure. They have somewhat of a distaste for humans and their lust for expansion. To a dwarf, their mountain homeland is always their pride.

Gnomes – Though some gnomes live in the forests with elves, the majority of gnomes live with dwarves. Having no gnomish civilization of their own, they remain useful to other races, the ones living with dwarves demonstrate engineering prowess.

*Elves – Elves tend to isolate their society from the rest of the continent. Their society is built on many traditions and freedom, and their society is the only one where magic is more commonplace. Rules for Deep Elves (dark elves) are setting specific.

Half-elves – Outcasts that don’t fit in perfectly with either society, their background is heavily dependent on their origin. Elves tend to discriminate half-elves more than humans would, however, or they are looked down on and felt sorry for.

*Orcs – The orcs are a proud race, they dominate the land with their horse tribes. They tend to be impatient and are set in their ways. They don’t stray from their lands alone often, making them a unique PC choice.

*Hobgoblins – Recently losing their kingdom to the humans, the hobgoblins make due the best they can. They ally themselves with humans and understand their position in the world. They are the only goblinkin to maintain their own land.

Dragonborn – Dragonborn are normally stuck up, arrogant, and entitled. Since dragons no longer live, their pride of their kin is unmatched. Though they have no kingdom, dragonborn clans tend to pop up among all the civilizations.

Race Reference and Lore

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