Adventurers Anonymous

Session Summary III

Death to the Gambler

The party wakes in the morning to Sonia reuniting with her sister Lisa (Accompanied by a famed orc warrior named Argus the Bloodiron), allowing them to move forward with the help of Lisa’s spare wheel.

Lisa and Argus accompany the rest of the party since they all have a mutual destination in the capital, and their road travels prove mostly uneventful- with the exception of Kerkylas spotting Razamor Skyguard being escorted south by the torchlight of some Helmsbridge townsguard.

They arrive in Somerfield after two days ride, and the adventurers split up for the night for their odds and ends. Renard manages to find a Three Dragon Ante table at the Golden Goat, which is a surprisingly high stakes table. He, of course, plays well and takes away a decent chunk of winnings for the night, and he even earned the attention of Zane Flanderfield, the owner of the tavern, inviting him to participate in the “goat games” to earn a golden goat worth 500 gold.

In the night however, Ren finds himself ill and coughing up blood, barely surviving an attempt on his life via poison that must’ve been snuck into his drink. Upon further investigation, he discovers that Copperhorn (the tiefling card dealer) works with poisons, and had the poison administered to his drink on the behalf of Zane.

Due to their positions in the town, the party is undecided on action, and with the Duke’s wedding growing closer by the day, they may not have the chance to react. But, the threat was noted, and the name Flanderfield remembered.



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