Lysa Ramos

A young merchant woman with a sword


Lysa’s appearance speaks to her toughness. She has dark, short hair shaved to a mohawk. She wears studded leather armor and sports a longsword. She has an almost human appearance for a tiefling, but she has two front-facing horns just above her temples.


Though the party has not dealt with Lysa much, they’ve had run-ins with her. Argas has traveled with her a decent amount, and the two of them seem to take good care of themselves on the road. (Who messes with a tiefling and an orc?) She has a black cart similar to Sonia’s, and a black horse named Nyx that pulls it.

She seems to care a lot about her reputation and the business model that she and her sister had built, and she seems rough on Sonia when it comes to pushing that reputation out of her intended direction.

Lysa Ramos

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