Adventurers Anonymous

Session Summary VII & VIII


Note: There may be key pieces of information that were left out of the summary due to the nature of the session and the direction it went in.

The party spends the day gathering information in town, including finding out that Donovan Trot, the dwarven smith in town created the sword that slew Crandall’s family. It wasn’t cursed when it was made, but it was a commission by the duke as a gift to Crandall as originally expected. They also learned of a barbarian village to the west of Karth that was decimated under the command of Crandall. Kerkylas tried to figure out from the priest at the church how the sword could be cursed but didn’t learn anything. Collectively they all also learned the magisters paid a visit to Karth about a month ago and left on heated terms with the Duke.

After this investigating, the group was approached by Graves, who had met with Parsons earlier in the day. Apparently Parsons had discussed with him in great detail about why they were in Karth, and the paladin insisted that the group cease their poking around until after the wedding, also saying that Parsons should not go to the wedding.

Andonia made arrangements so the whole group could go to the wedding however, so the next day they all make the ceremony in the royal gardens in front of the keep. Before the ceremony, the earth shakes and Andonia thinks she can hear voices from the depths. The ceremony takes place in front of a large door in the cliffside with an artful design portrayed in the iron and stone.

After the ceremony, the group parties for a while, taking note of how the guards seemed to appear before the door after the ceremony. After a while they all head back to the Tavern and meet up with Parsons who doesn’t seem like himself. The group hears church bells, and then the rest of the city bells go off locking down the city. After that, a dozen guards storm into the tavern along with Graves, who accuses Parsons of five counts of murder and arrests him and the rest of the group.

Spending a cold night in prison, Ren is paid a visit by his Patron. More tremors happen, and everyone in the dungeon could hear the voices this time. Red Phillip tells Ren that that’s the voice of an “old friend” of his, and that he needs Ren and the group to set this person or thing free. He insists that this will be beneficial for everyone involved. After he disappears, the guards come and gather the party letting them out. However, Kerkylas is brought to Parsons, who seems to have made up a convincing story about them all being mercenaries hired to get him out of town after the murder. Before leaving, Parsons has Kerkylas retrieve a curious ring from him.

In the next day, the group finds out that not only was the Duke murdered, but the priest and a couple of church paladins were murdered as well. They find out that Graves has very convincing evidence on Parsons being the killer, but seems to have reservations about how the pieces fall into place, he even asks Kerkylas to mention any new information to him.

While checking on Ranulf to see if he’s alright, Andonia and him have a little discussion about the curious door. Ranulf found a book sitting out in the castle archives that has information on what lies inside. Andonia retrieves the book and brings it back to Kerkylas, who deduces that there’s a deeper sanctuary or structure behind the crypt those doors guard.

Before the day is out, however, Ranulf finds Kairus in the tavern and invites him to the castle to speak with Lady Bowen.



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