Sonia Ramos

A young merchant woman with a temper


Sonia is a pretty woman. Long black hair, leading to her mid-back. She wears a leather coat, corset, and sports a feathered cap. Though she has manners and a mind to use them where appropriate, she can be impatient and has a foul tongue.


A friend and ally of the party, she’s hired the party as muscle as she travels the road to the capital city. She has history delivering goods to Ren’s father and traveling alongside Kerkylas as he explores the countryside. She travels with a wooden cart that has a leather covering (similar to the cover of a truck bed), dragged by a horse named Sunny.

She talks less of her upbringing and more of her experiences on the roadside. However, the party knows she grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Shantay’s pass, and she has an older sister who carries out the same profession as Sonia.

Sonia Ramos

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