Reynard "Ren" Harel


Reynard was born to an Elven mother and human father. He was quite young when the growing differences between his parents (namely his father’s insecurity with the fact that he was aging far more rapidly than his wife) forced them to end their relationship. Reynard, or Ren for short, grew up spending time with both of his parents.

He showed a natural talent for magic and his mother chose to nurture that talent by having him tutored during the parts of the years he would spend with her. Despite initially showing aptitude for magic, Ren struggled to apply himself in his studies and by his teenage years his tutors had no interest in taking him any further, citing reasons such as the fact he only seemed interested in magic that he could use to gain something from or to play a prank. He turned out to be a fair Enchanter and a brilliant (some would say) Illusionist.

His father continues to run The Crow’s Nest in Silvershore, a city in Loredel. Reynard spent a good amount of time helping out in the inn or spending time in the tavern. The tavern was by no means a seedy environment, just one a child probably shouldn’t be spending too much time in. Reynard loved talking to people from different places and hearing their stories. This is where he decided that one day he wanted to travel the world. He also loved to watch adventurers and local drunkards gamble. This is how he learned that his illusions made cheating at taverns games really easy.

Reynard grew into quite the young con man. He developed a comfortable lifestyle by doing nothing other than what he enjoyed. Even in a sizeable city, however, people start to remember faces and eventually suspicion began to grow around Ren and his ability to gamble. After being followed out of a tavern by a group of hired strongmen (likely hired by someone that he cheated out of more than just a few gold pieces), Reynard only narrowly escaped them by running down an alleyway and casting an illusion of a brick wall behind him. He decided it was time to return to his mother’s homeland to lie low and wait for the heat to die down.

One day, Ren found himself on a path in a very old Elvish wood. He didn’t care much for nature but he preferred to be alone on this particular afternoon. Elves weren’t as easy to fool and therefore less fun to be around. Deep down the path Reynard could here music being played. A delightful melody on some sort of stringed instrument. Managing to ignore every Elven warning about deep forests and mysterious sounds, Reynard’s curiosity got the best of him and he was drawn to it. Perhaps there was a party of some kind? He could have sworn there was laughter.

The forest became darker as he got closer to the music. The trees grew quite close together here. Before he knew it he could see glimpses of a bonfire between the branches and he stumbled into a dark clearing, the sky completely blocked out by a thick canopy. The music stopped.

The clearing was dominated by an ancient and gnarled willow tree. A twisted, bloated, agonized-looking creation. In front of the tree was a massive fire inside a circle of boulders. After his eyes adjusted to the light, he made out the shape of figure sitting Rey into what appeared to be a throne carved into the tree.. or grown out of it. It was hard to tell. The figure sitting in the throne Reynard was easily able to tell by the hooves and horns that it was a Satyr. The satyr put down his lyre and stood, beckoning for Reynard to join him. Unnerved by the presence of the fey but also not wanting to scorn the invitation of a fairy, Ren cautiously advanced into the clearing.

The satyr introduced himself with the nickname Red Philip. They conversed for a while and Reynard even sat and drank with Philip for a time. Reynard found it easy to speak to Philip, there was something inexplicably charming about him. The satyr inquired all about Ren’s life in Loredel and what he does for a living. After hearing that Reynard is a professional con artist, Philip let out a booming laugh and asked to see some professional (and magical) sleight-of-hand. He even applauded at the legerdemain.

But then he asked if Reynard would be interested in learning real magic. Confused, Ren asked for an example. Philip nodded and then disappeared completely. His voice seemed to come from thin air “Is this something you would like to learn?”

“Yes, but how?”

He reappeared from the air, much closer to Ren than we was before. There was an emotion in the satyr’s eyes. It seemed like mirth at first but it was too fervent. The charming smile was too forced, strained by what felt like urgency. “It’s simple. Enter into my service and in exchange I will grant you a piece of my power!”

Put off by Philip’s proposition and demeanor, Ren started to rise and and apologized that he must be on his way. Philip followed and tried to explain further “You wouldn’t be doing anything for me you aren’t already doing! Just instead of playing tricks on people for yourself you’d be doing it for me, in a way!”

Reynard turned to face Red Philip “What do you stand to gain from this, exactly? Go and play tricks on people by yourself if it’s so important to you.”

“That’s what I would be doing if I could. I need to extend my influence beyond this forest. I need people to know my name again.”

Ren turned away and walked out of the clearing. “I’m sorry. Find somebody else.”

A warning came from Philip as Ren turned out of sight. “There will come a time when you find yourself in need of my gifts, Reynard Harel of Silvershore.”


Reynard "Ren" Harel

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