His short sideburns are neatly combed, His very long mustache is neatly combed. His very long beard is neatly combed. His hair is shortly cut in the back and balding on the top. His nose is slightly upturned. He has a low voice. His nose bridge is concave. His hair is greying brown. His skin is dark peach. His eyes are silver. His lips are slightly thick. He is continuously smoking a long stemmed pipe.


“My father was a Shaper, and my mother before that. My mother’s mother was a shaper, as was her father. This is a truth that stretches further then even the roots of the mountain does into the earth.

In the dawn of my clan’s history, my family created the Mountain Heart, a peerless artifact that both protected our clan and allowed us to seek retribution against those who would dare wrong us. It stood within our great gates and threw back the goblin hordes of Ignroq the nightblooded. It purged from history the horselord Reddern and scattered her host when they saw fit to raid our trade caravans. The power it provided ensure centuries of prosperity for me and mine.

With such a mighty artifact, no outside threat could ever usurp our preeminence. Treachery and greed was our undoing, as the son of the king demanded the throne. King Thule was by no means a weak king, as much as any dwarf could be called weak, but he was not well liked and many flocked to the son. The fighting escalated to the point where King Thule attempted to use Mountain Heart to save his throne and afterward naught but his throne remained. Our mountainhome shattered and our people scattered, we are recovering still even after centuries."

Kerkylas stopped the story to take a deep draw from the simple pipe clenched in his teeth. He leaned forward as he continued speaking, smoke spiraling around his face, “Mountain Heart was lost in the chaos after that, and while rumors of items similar in power surfaced from time to time since then, it has yet to be recovered. That is my goal, the task I set before me as I seek to further my own skill as a Shaper.”

Kerkylas leaned back, nodded more to himself then anyone and continued to puff on his pipe. It would do these young folks well to learn a little history, even if it is not their history.
“In a way, this story shows the importance of dwarven ideals. Honor, Loyalty, Respect. The devastation wrought upon our people would have never happened if the son of Thule did not turn his back on those ideals.”

“This story is what drove me throughout my childhood and as a young dwarf. I must learn my craft as a Shaper, yes, for if I were to have a chance of retrieving Mountain Heart, I must one day create something its equal and if I am to find where Mountain Heart is, I must be out in this wide world and I must rise before the world if I am to survive it.”


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