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Session Summary VII & VIII

Note: There may be key pieces of information that were left out of the summary due to the nature of the session and the direction it went in.

The party spends the day gathering information in town, including finding out that Donovan Trot, the dwarven smith in town created the sword that slew Crandall’s family. It wasn’t cursed when it was made, but it was a commission by the duke as a gift to Crandall as originally expected. They also learned of a barbarian village to the west of Karth that was decimated under the command of Crandall. Kerkylas tried to figure out from the priest at the church how the sword could be cursed but didn’t learn anything. Collectively they all also learned the magisters paid a visit to Karth about a month ago and left on heated terms with the Duke.

After this investigating, the group was approached by Graves, who had met with Parsons earlier in the day. Apparently Parsons had discussed with him in great detail about why they were in Karth, and the paladin insisted that the group cease their poking around until after the wedding, also saying that Parsons should not go to the wedding.

Andonia made arrangements so the whole group could go to the wedding however, so the next day they all make the ceremony in the royal gardens in front of the keep. Before the ceremony, the earth shakes and Andonia thinks she can hear voices from the depths. The ceremony takes place in front of a large door in the cliffside with an artful design portrayed in the iron and stone.

After the ceremony, the group parties for a while, taking note of how the guards seemed to appear before the door after the ceremony. After a while they all head back to the Tavern and meet up with Parsons who doesn’t seem like himself. The group hears church bells, and then the rest of the city bells go off locking down the city. After that, a dozen guards storm into the tavern along with Graves, who accuses Parsons of five counts of murder and arrests him and the rest of the group.

Spending a cold night in prison, Ren is paid a visit by his Patron. More tremors happen, and everyone in the dungeon could hear the voices this time. Red Phillip tells Ren that that’s the voice of an “old friend” of his, and that he needs Ren and the group to set this person or thing free. He insists that this will be beneficial for everyone involved. After he disappears, the guards come and gather the party letting them out. However, Kerkylas is brought to Parsons, who seems to have made up a convincing story about them all being mercenaries hired to get him out of town after the murder. Before leaving, Parsons has Kerkylas retrieve a curious ring from him.

In the next day, the group finds out that not only was the Duke murdered, but the priest and a couple of church paladins were murdered as well. They find out that Graves has very convincing evidence on Parsons being the killer, but seems to have reservations about how the pieces fall into place, he even asks Kerkylas to mention any new information to him.

While checking on Ranulf to see if he’s alright, Andonia and him have a little discussion about the curious door. Ranulf found a book sitting out in the castle archives that has information on what lies inside. Andonia retrieves the book and brings it back to Kerkylas, who deduces that there’s a deeper sanctuary or structure behind the crypt those doors guard.

Before the day is out, however, Ranulf finds Kairus in the tavern and invites him to the castle to speak with Lady Bowen.

Session Summary VI
Welcome to Karth

The group faces a horde of charging, undead centaurs and crawling, shambling zombies on the roadside, and Ren notices a small amount of magical disruption in the area during the fight. They fend off the undead and Kerkylas returns them to the ground.

As they approach Karth, the party notices two burnt corpses hanging from ropes outside the gates of the city. Before reaching the city, the party talks with Parsons about his background in Karth, and despite some needed prodding and persuasion, he unveils new truths to the party.

He tells them that he was a trusted advisor to the duke while he was a knight, and at one time agreed with the duke’s stance on magic and forbading it from the city. However, when his youngest son was born into magic, he was given the choice to give his son up to the duke or be exiled. Of course, Parsons took the latter.

Once inside the city, Andonia drops the party off at the Brew Moon, while proceeding herself to the Gilded Mare. Before leaving, Parsons is recognized by Richard Graves, who appears to be a knight in the city. He has a somewhat unpleasant demeanor, but welcomes Parsons to the city, and, before riding off, offers to act as a liason if he wished to speak with the duke, showing he has strong ties with Lord Bowen.

He shrugs off the rest of the encounter, the rest of the group noting how pompous sir graves seemed. They head inside the brew moon, Kairus heading to the stage to play for the very busy crowd, and Ren seeking to pickpocketing opportunities.

At the Gilded Mare, Andonia meets up with her client, who turns out to be Ranulf Hawthorne, brother to the duke’s betrothed. Ranulf affirms Andonia’s training with Sir Matthas. Andonia seems surprised by such, and tries to see if he knows of the knight’s wherabouts, but he does not. Ranulf admits that his reasoning for hiring them (as well as company, of course) was to have another sidesword, as he has a bad feeling about Karth and the upcoming wedding.

At the Brew Moon, Reynard notices more magical weirdness as his disguise spell goes out of control, and he realized he has aged by a few years. He lets Kerkylas know, and the dwarf’s interest in the magic mishaps increases.

Kairus manages to draw in the crowd with some impeccable playing, and draws the attention of a small party of noblewomen in the back, secluded with the help of some townsguard. One of them approaches the stage and asks Kairus’ name and makes a song request, which he obliges. The crowd seems very invigorated by the performance.

Afterward, he catches up with the woman as she’s leaving the tavern. It turns out that she is Dahlia Hawthorne, and her small party was a bachelorette party of sorts. Taken in by his playing, she offers him an invitation to the wedding in two days time, and in the morning he receives an invitation with her signature.

Session Summary V
Of Thugs and Thieves

As the party makes their way into Helmsbridge, Sonia and Lysa prepare to part ways with them. The group and Parsons make their way through the southern district of town, where they see a large group of people gathered around four men being hung at the gallows.

They stop for a moment to listen to a rousing speech given by none other than Edmond Blackrose, captain of the city guard. It appears as though there was an attempt on the queen’s life and the captain believes there to be more conspirators in the city. He also announced new laws and ordinances while investigations are under order, including magisters being posted at every gate.

While the group listens in, a young kid approaches Reynard and Kairus asking for water. They give him a waterskin, and after he runs off, Reynard notices his coinpurse missing. Kairus notices another kid has it a ways off, and they turn into an alleyway. The two make chase, with Parsons and Kerkylas following once they notice their missing party members.

As the two see the kids climbing over a fence, some thugs come out of the nearby buildings to interfere. While fighting them off, another passerby notices and joins into the fight.

As they beat the thugs into submission and retrieve the coinpurse from the kids with charm magic, the passerby introduces herself as Andonia. After some discussion, Adonia tells the party that they’re also heading to Karth for the wedding, and they all agree that it’s in their best interest to travel together, so Andonia doesn’t need to hire a rider and guards, and the party doesn’t have to buy horses.

They take off the next day and journey for a few days, traveling through Willowbrook and Lichfield without spending too much time in the towns. On the road to Karth, they find a couple zombies standing in the road and make quick work of them while on the back of the wagon. However, as they continue past, they hear hoofbeats in the woods surrounding them, and notice undead centaurs closing in…

Session Summary IV
Frazzle Dazzle and the Two Towers

The party leaves Somerfield, Reynard tries to tarnish Flanderfield’s reputation a bit before heading out by posing as him and posting a dramatic closing note on the door of the Golden Goat. He also tosses a note tied to a brick through the window of the Flanderfield estate.

The party travels for the day and wind up making camp just off the road for the night. During the night, the group notices a suspicious dust cloud blows through the camp from a direction northwest in the woods. Reynard and Kairus investigate to find that there is a stone tower a short walk away from the camp.

In the morning, the group agrees to venture out and take a peek at the tower. Parsons agrees to go with the group while Sonia, Lysa, and Argus stay back with the carts and horses. When they get to the tower, they find it in good shape (No climbing ivy or such features), and Kerkylas realizes the stone it’s made of is not native to this region.

They circle around to find a wooden door, without hinges, with two open hands made of some metal extending from each side of the door. Kerkylas grabs both hands and gets pulled inside of the door, vanishing into the tower, and the rest of the party follows suit, quickly realizing they don’t have a way out.

They explore the tower a bit, finding the upstairs to be well furnished. Kairus looks out a window and finds out there’s a tower directly mirroring this one in the distance by looking out the window.

As Reynard works to unlock the drawers of an antique desk, a suit of armor behind Parsons springs to life and attacks the party, and a skeletal imp inside a drawer turns out to be a normal imp posing dead. They defeat the armor and catch the imp.

The imp tells the party that the tower belongs to his master Frazzle, and after some talk with the imp he agrees to fetch his master. While still poking around the desk, the party finds spell scrolls, and when Frazzle, a gnome wizard (unashamed of his apparent wizard appearance) finds them, the party learns that these towers sprung up overnight and seem to teleport, but are way off course.

Frazzle agrees to sell the party the spell scrolls they are interested in, and sends the group on their way.

The party reaches Hillford a day later, and Reynard manages to steal a pocketwatch from a wealthy patron inside a tavern there. As the party travels two more days and reaches the capital city of Helmsbridge, they find out that the pocketwatch has a magical enchantment that can glimpse into the future.

Session Summary III
Death to the Gambler

The party wakes in the morning to Sonia reuniting with her sister Lisa (Accompanied by a famed orc warrior named Argus the Bloodiron), allowing them to move forward with the help of Lisa’s spare wheel.

Lisa and Argus accompany the rest of the party since they all have a mutual destination in the capital, and their road travels prove mostly uneventful- with the exception of Kerkylas spotting Razamor Skyguard being escorted south by the torchlight of some Helmsbridge townsguard.

They arrive in Somerfield after two days ride, and the adventurers split up for the night for their odds and ends. Renard manages to find a Three Dragon Ante table at the Golden Goat, which is a surprisingly high stakes table. He, of course, plays well and takes away a decent chunk of winnings for the night, and he even earned the attention of Zane Flanderfield, the owner of the tavern, inviting him to participate in the “goat games” to earn a golden goat worth 500 gold.

In the night however, Ren finds himself ill and coughing up blood, barely surviving an attempt on his life via poison that must’ve been snuck into his drink. Upon further investigation, he discovers that Copperhorn (the tiefling card dealer) works with poisons, and had the poison administered to his drink on the behalf of Zane.

Due to their positions in the town, the party is undecided on action, and with the Duke’s wedding growing closer by the day, they may not have the chance to react. But, the threat was noted, and the name Flanderfield remembered.

Session Summary II
Where There's a Bug, There's a Bear

The party makes their way back down the trail towards the main road. Parsons has joined them, and it’s mostly a quiet journey, though the knight thanks the party for understanding the difficult situation and empathizing with him. Parsons brings two work horses from the estate with him to sell in town for additional travel funds.

On the way, the party finds the spot where bugbears had attempted to ambush them, and the bodies they had moved into the woods appear to be missing. They discover the bodies must have been dragged away, making an easy trail to follow, so they detour to investigate.

A short twenty minute walk later, they find a hilly section with a cliff-side cave dipping into the ground. They also spot two fresh grave mounds for the bugbears nearby, with five more older mounds behind them, fresh grass beginning to grow on them.

Inside the cave, the party fights off wolves, bugbears, and a large grizzly bear. Halfway through fighting, it becomes apparent that the bugbear leader — a large, armored, female bugbear — wants them to leave the cave.

After some negotiation (loosely, the party ignored a good part of negotiating,) they slay the bugbear leader and collect two crates of loot, one with weapons and armor on the inside and the other with some fine fabrics, coins, and a couple gems.

They leave the cave and push a little past dark to make it back to Plynth, where they reunite with Sonia, and await discussing where to go next in the morning.

Session Summary I
The Gift Sword

The party, consisting of Kerkylas, Reynard, and Kairus have been traveling alongside Sonia Ramos, a merchant traveler that makes most of her money in deliveries.  En route to the capital, a wheel on her cart breaks down atop a hill near Plynth.  Convenient for Sonia, she has a delivery that needs to be made in the countryside nearby, and she asks that the party break off to make this delivery while she has her cart fixed in town.

The parcel to be delivered is a sword, the party finds to be extremely valuable as they take a peek at it along the way.  A gift to former knight Parsons Crandall.  Sonia agrees to split a chunk of her earnings for the delivery with the group. They spend the night in town and march on their way in the morning.  Along the way, they fight off bugbear ambushers along the trail.

They make their way to the Crandall estate, a very nice home in the woods.  They meet Parsons and his family and make their sword delivery.  Amused by the sword, Parsons tells them it's a gift from the Duke of Karth, who's adamant about the former knight attending his wedding.  Parsons invites the party to dinner and rest the night in the home, and they graciously accept, even making plans to help him with the bugbear problem.

The party wakes up to a shrill scream in the night, and rush upstairs to the sight of Parsons in his son's room, pulling his new blade from the boy's chest.  As they beat the former knight unconscious, a barbaric, malevolent spirit erupts from his body to attack the party.  They vanquish the spirit.

Upon healing Parsons, they discover he's already slaughtered his wife and daughters at the behest of the spirit.  Taking the sword back from him, they help him tend to the bloody halls and dig graves for his loved ones.  At dawn, they leave the estate with the former knight, seeking justice for the deaths of his family.


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